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Ignite Youth Mentorship Program

Calling all youth artists. Do you want to be part of something great? Do you have a passion for being creative? And want a chance to take lessons with an established artist? FREE!

All you have to do is write a 500 word letter describing why you would like this opportunity to work with an established artist, how this opportunity will help you in the future, and what this opportunity would mean to the community of Mission.

We will review all the letters and select up to 12 candidates that will be paired with the appropriate Artists.
Some supplies will also be provided to the selected candidates.

How to apply:
1. Download the application from our website, (click on the button below) or pick one up at the Mission Arts Centre.
2. Write your 500 word letter and drop it off to the Mission Arts Council located at:

33529 – 1st. Avenue. Mission, BC. V2V-1H1.
Attention: Youth Coordinator “Ignite”
Any questions please Email Alex at: alextherake@gmail.com
Or Phone: 604-826-0029


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JCP project title: Mission Arts Council - Ignite Youth 2017
Job Creation Partnership The Employment Program of British Columbia
This Project is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

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Ignite Youth Program Guidelines for Youth:

Students selected for mentorships led by professional Artists will be offered in a wide variety of artistic disciplines, including: Pottery, Acrylic and Watercolor painting, Pencil drawing, Music (guitar, sound tech, mixing), Photography, film and videography and Carving.

Requirement to apply:
Must download the application from www.missionartscouncil.ca/IGNITE or pick one up in person at the Mission Arts Centre, and provide a 500 word letter, describing what art field you are interested in, why you want this opportunity and what this would mean to you and your place within the community.

Role of Youth Participants:
1. Commit to minimum of 2.5 hours per month for 4 months. More time may be spent, if agreed on by both parties.
2. Commit to attending an Orientation Meeting with your parent or guardian, to meet your Mentor to review the program guidelines, goals, and to complete the Learning Contract.
3. You are asked to make sure you attend all classes in respect to the artist’s valuable time he/she has allotted to you. If for unseen circumstances you must cancel your session, please give plenty of notice by calling the Youth Coordinator at the MAC. If you miss one class, you will forfeit the rest of your mentorship sessions.
4. Must read, sign the code of conduct and contract between artist and student.


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The Mission Arts Council Advocates for creative work of its members, which nurtures awarness of, involvement in, and commitment to Arts within its community.

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